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What our customers are saying about Pizza 73

Just like to say I love the order online feature of Pizza 73. Since I work often and have no time to prepare a meal, Pizza 73 is only on click away. If im deciding what I want, the menus is right in front of me so I don't have to keep searching through the house to find it! Thank you Pizza 73! - Jeff B, FT McMurray, AB.

Tried Panago, tried Pizza Hut. This site always works! It is fast, easy and inviting... just what I needed as a study break. Thank You! - Amanda R, Calgary, AB.

The best thing about Pizza 73, aside from its delicious pizzas, is the great deals they offer. The online menu makes it easy to keep up-to-date on the latest promotions, and even easier to try them out. If I had the money, I'd buy a franchise myself. Keep up the excellent work! - Neal M, Medicine Hat, AB

Love the service, and the wings. My son would only eat chicken nuggets till he got his hands on wings from Pizza 73. - George A, Grande Prairie, AB

I love the idea of ordering online. It gives me a chance to go through the menu and not be rushed in making a decision. I was previously a Pizza Hut and Panago customer but after tasting Pizza 73 and experiencing the courteous service I received, I've been ordering from Pizza 73 ever since. Keep up the great work! - Kim S, Airdrie, AB

I just want to say that the Pizza 73 website is amazing. It is well designed, and checkout only takes a few minutes. Thank you for making my life just a little bit easier! - Justin W, Edmonton, AB

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Canada's #1 Pizza Chain

August 18, 2008 (Edmonton, AB) – Thank you for making Pizza 73 / Pizza Pizza Canada’s #1 pizza chain.

According to a recent report in Foodservice and Hospitality, Canada’s one-stop source for everything foodservice, Pizza Pizza (Pizza 73’s parent company) ranked #1 in the pizza industry according to sales in 2007.

In large part, the company’s leadership position is due to the popularity of Pizza 73 and Pizza Pizza’s menu, the entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s franchise partners, various expansion efforts across the country, and the loyalty of customers young and old.

Thank you to all of our customers for your confidence and business.

Pizza 73 / Pizza Pizza is always exploring new ways to innovate, so if you have suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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