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What our customers are saying about Pizza 73

Just like to say I love the order online feature of Pizza 73. Since I work often and have no time to prepare a meal, Pizza 73 is only on click away. If im deciding what I want, the menus is right in front of me so I don't have to keep searching through the house to find it! Thank you Pizza 73! - Jeff B, FT McMurray, AB.

Tried Panago, tried Pizza Hut. This site always works! It is fast, easy and inviting... just what I needed as a study break. Thank You! - Amanda R, Calgary, AB.

The best thing about Pizza 73, aside from its delicious pizzas, is the great deals they offer. The online menu makes it easy to keep up-to-date on the latest promotions, and even easier to try them out. If I had the money, I'd buy a franchise myself. Keep up the excellent work! - Neal M, Medicine Hat, AB

Love the service, and the wings. My son would only eat chicken nuggets till he got his hands on wings from Pizza 73. - George A, Grande Prairie, AB

I love the idea of ordering online. It gives me a chance to go through the menu and not be rushed in making a decision. I was previously a Pizza Hut and Panago customer but after tasting Pizza 73 and experiencing the courteous service I received, I've been ordering from Pizza 73 ever since. Keep up the great work! - Kim S, Airdrie, AB

I just want to say that the Pizza 73 website is amazing. It is well designed, and checkout only takes a few minutes. Thank you for making my life just a little bit easier! - Justin W, Edmonton, AB

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Pizza Card

How does it work?

Itís very simple. Pick up a Pizza Card at participating Pizza 73 or Pizza Pizza restaurants and load it with $10, $25, $50 or $100. You can use the Pizza Card yourself, turn it over to a family member or give it as a gift to friends and acquaintances. The Pizza Card is a safe, practical and convenient way to indulge in the pizza experience.

With the Pizza Card, you are able to:

  • Load money at any traditional Pizza 73 or Pizza Pizza restaurant
  • Redeem your balance on walk-in, pick-up or delivery orders

What happens if my card is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged?

Pizza 73 is not responsible for replacing the value of this card for non-registered members if the card is lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged or used without consent. However, registered members will receive a replacement card with the remaining balance of the previous card at the time it is reported. Please allow 14 days for a replacement card to be issued and sent. The Pizza Card is property of Pizza Pizza Limited. © Pizza Pizza Royalty Limited Partnership.

For further information, please see the Pizza Card Terms of Use.

Please click here to check the balance on your Pizza Card.

NOTE: We're currently upgrading our system. You will have access to load and register your cards very soon.